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To Be Seen

Updated: Mar 4

"When you listen to a witness, you become a witness."

Witnessing is a powerful action that allows us to see through the essential elements of a situation and the fullness of a person.

To be Seen is a compassionate action that allows for shifting time and space and opening up of truth and meaningful connection.

To be Seen is to be acknowledged for the contribution that each of us makes.

Of course, we do not have to be seen to contribute, but the connection that comes with seeing expands the contribution's energy and light.

We live in a world that often sees only specific kinds of people or events rushing by without acknowledgment to seek something that seems more extraordinary.

The truth is that the tiniest moments are critical in this journey we are on; they validate the essence of a person and event. It is a privilege to see the truth of a soul and the effort of an attempt to love and be loved.

To be Seen as valid and essential without change or revision, with all the mess of imperfection, is the true essence of love, kindness, and meaning. We can change the world by witnessing another's journey when we slow down to be silent and reverent.

* Gina & Tina Parker Emhoola

To be truly seen and acknowledged is the most potent action to ignite the soul.

It's hard to be invisible, disregarded, or pushed aside for any reason. But, even in the darkest moments, we can see each other, and I think it may be the most critical moment when all seems dark to see through the smoke to the tiny glimmer of light waiting to be watered so the seed within us can crack open and take root.

I recently had the honor of being seen and acknowledged for my artwork, and I felt my heart crack open from the love and honesty that came with openness and trust. I received the blessing of kindness and attention in a speechless moment of deep and abiding love. It was a moment that is forever etched in my mind and heart.

While I hold this love and honor close, I also keep the feeling of being invisible and dismissed as a reminder that there is always time to be kind, human, and loving. There is never a reason to ignore another experience and desire to contribute purposely.

You are powerful. Use your power well.

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