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Queen of the Owls - October's Featured Reproduction

The mystical wisdom of the owl has always intrigued me. Perhaps my affinity for owls is due to my natural creativity time being the night. I often paint and create when most are sleeping and dreaming. I dream with my brush and express the visions that come to me in my artwork.

The Queen of Owls is a mono-print I created as a reminder of our inner strength to see through the " darkness" of our lives. The times when the path appears step by step without a clear vision of where it is leading. These are the times of our lives when we must go inward and trust that we are listening to our inner knowing even when we are scared and unsure of what is next.

Owls blend into the trees, and it takes a keen eye to find one perched, waiting, ready to swoop down and catch the next meal or scare off a predator. Instead, their careful observation and listening guide them through the night, reminding me that everything I need is inside me, ready to be revealed and noticed.

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