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Gina Tzizik Studios

Welcome to my online studio. I like to think of this space as an extension of my art studio, my work, and my heart. I hope this becomes a space where you can view my art and understand the ideas and images that inspire my work. Perhaps it will inspire you too.


Nature and spirituality connect deeply for me and reflect the essence of the universe.

My inspiration comes from the study of Jewish thought and the mystical Kabbalah, integrated with Native American arts and culture, and the incredible beauty that surrounds me in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Nature and spirituality connect deeply for me and reflect the essence of the universe I feel so profoundly.

My art is my light, and I am happy to share it with you.

Pieces of Light

The Pieces of Light Collection is the cornerstone of my artistic journey, embodying my deep exploration of the universe and the mystical concept of the Tree of Life. Each painting in this collection is a visual expression of my understanding of existence and the cosmic forces that shape our reality.

FINAL Gina Tzizik Artist Catalog - Pieces of Light_edited.jpg

Through the Pieces of Light Collection, I invite viewers to embark on a spiritual odyssey, contemplate the mysteries of existence, and embrace the inherent luminosity within their souls. May these paintings serve as beacons of hope and guidance, illuminating the path toward unity, enlightenment, and the restoration of the cosmic light.

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